Wednesday, March 7, 2007

…Scrap…Hole…Birdhouse/Birdfeeder…Rod Northcutt

The concept of sustainability implies circularity. It posits that transformations are simply a matter of shifting from one form to another. Rod Northcutt's green is a nod to this principle. As the trees are taken for construction, he employs the waste from this process to reconstruct bird houses, a consolation to be sure, but an acknowledgment that one's gain is another's sacrifice.

Northcutt salvaged the debris for his green from a Pilsen rehab. While building it, he took into consideration the third life of the objects. In the "green" you will see tubes, boxes, and funnels (used now to convey the ball from point to point) that will be re-assembled and cut apart after the putt-putt course its course. They will then be distributed in public and private (birds don't have a preference here) parks, yards, and rooftops in the same neighborhood from which the objects came.

Thanks goes to Podmajersky Inc., Turner Construction, Diaz Heating
and Cooling, Terry's Plumbing, and the Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago.


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