Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Salvage Sculpture Green-Monica Herrera and Heather Mullins

We are essentially toy-makers with an interest in human interaction and public space, constantly conceptualizing what meaning we can give to an object or material and what fun thing we can make. With strong, innovative building skills, we both use our intuition to create tools of play including human size instruments, climbable drinking fountains, pinball-like tracks through museums, and tricycle trains.

Our vision for a mini-golf course includes the use of the leftover stock of Kippenberger astroturf, discarded bike inner-tubes, shipping pallets, household plumbing appliances, and salvaged pipes of any shape and size, keeping in mind that this list will probably be added to and can be adapted to what materials are available, what the space is like, and where our intuition takes us. ...Come and see what they came up with.


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